Holidays at Van der Valk Naturresort Drewitz are holidays in nature. Located in the middle of the Nossentiner- Schwinzer Heide nature park and directly on the protected Drewitz lake, we are aware of our responsibility regarding nature and the natural habitat of our surroundings.

Every employee at the Van der Valk Naturresort Drewitz knows about his responsibility and takes it seriously.

We, the employees, align our everyday work with the current environmental laws and thus encourage the preservation of our environment. The protection of resources, the reduction of waste and emissions, and the preservation of biodiversity in the nature reserve is the focus of our actions.

Our aim is to work closely with our partners at the local and national level. We want to be judged by our results, which we present in measurable and transparent terms.

We also want to strengthen the awareness and appreciation of the natural environment among our guests, create nature experiences, and make environmental awareness in the resort a reality.

Our goals should be visible and comprehensible to employees and guests.

Van der Valk Naturresort Drewitz - experience nature actively and consciously - and let us commit to our environment.

The Operational Manager