Team Building with fun and action

"Can't" - Doesn't exist with us! With our concepts we want to strengthen and sharpen team spirit.

Team building folder

We convey team spirit, motivation and good feelings. You can download our current team building folder here.


Team Challenge from € 35,00 p.p.

Teamchallenge: The teams pass through different stations on the resort area. Those have to be found with the support of a tour guide first. The accomplishment of the variety of different tasks is fun and followed by an award-winning ceremony. Possible team challenge stations could be: bull riding, archery, GPS, smell/ taste/ feel, cross golfing. (about 3-5 hours)

p. p. from € 35

Wild Wild West Barbecue - p.p. from € 85

Wild Wild West Barbecue: A rustic evening in our western city including beer table sets, welcome drink, campfire and Barbecue (about 3 hours)

p. p. from € 85

Boat building - the ideal team training - from € 50,00 p.p.

Boat building – the ideal team training: The teams have to build canoe boats, only consisting of planks, a plane and rope. After the constructing process is completed, the swimming abilities of the boats will be proved on the lake and tested in a boating challenge by the groups. (about 3 hours)

p. p. from € 50

Cocktail course from € 45,00 p.p.

Cocktail course: A highly professional barkeeper and a fully equipped bar await your team for a diversified cocktail workshop. Trying and tasting is expressly requested! Including: welcome shot, professional guidance by the barkeeper, 3 different cocktails, photo documentation, participation certificate; drinks included: soft drinks, wine, beer. (about 3 hours)

p. p. from € 45

Trial golf from € 25,00 p.p.

Golf trial course: Did you ever feel the wish to start golfing? It does not need much to experience the joy of this unique sport. You will have fun with our golf teachers on the 18-hole golf court, located directly at the “lake Serrahn”. The professional support throughout the whole day guarantees a perfect introduction into golfing.

p. p. from € 25

Canoe fun regatta with bike tour p.p. from € 45,00

Canoe fun competition with bicycle tour: combined leisure program with bike and canoe. Your bike tour starts at our resort in direction of the lake Krakower See. After welcoming the participants get a short paddle briefing. The boat passengers have to pass a first exercise on the waterfront. On their way across the lake toward different islands they take several breaks for small competitions. Afterwards the group goes back to the resort by bike.

p. p. from € 45